Rosie the Riveter Paper Dolls

Paper Studio Press signs acclaimed artist Tom Tierney to create
“Rosie the Riveter” paper doll book

Tom Tierney, the most famous and prolific paper doll artist in the world, has been signed by Paper Studio Press, joining the publisher’s roster of creative talents. His debut project will be a paper doll book honoring mythical “Rosie the Riveter,” the World War II symbol of the wartime working woman. Mr. Tierney is well known for creating hundreds of paper dolls on subjects ranging from celebrities to historical figures to fictional characters, encompassing fashions throughout the centuries.

His initial work for Paper Studio Press will be in the nostalgic format for which the publishing company is well known. The book will feature three “Rosie” paper dolls and authentic fashions of the 1940s including work clothes, casual dresses, smart suits, evening gowns and a war-time wedding dress.

“Rosie the Riveter” was a fictional character who appeared in iconic wartime propaganda posters representing the women who went to work on factory assembly lines producing vital materials for the military. Airplanes, battleships, tanks, Jeeps and munitions; “Rosie” made them all and her efforts were an important factor in eventual Allied victory. As a symbol, “Rosie” represented American womanhood at its patriotic best. She may not have been as glamorous as the pin-up girls of the time, Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth, but “Rosie” was greatly admired. In photos (model Shirley Dick impersonated the famous riveter) and the iconic poster by J. Howard Miller, “Rosie” looked like the very picture of glowing health, strength and capability. Mr. Tierney’s talent is sure to capture her essence perfectly and his extensive knowledge of fashion history will assure paper doll collectors that “Rosie’s” wardrobe is absolutely authentic to her time.

Tom Tierney’s reputation in the world of paper dolls is supreme. During his long career the amazingly youthful octogenarian has produced an unbelievable number of paper doll books, primarily for Dover Publications. He is a popular personality on the paper doll scene, a star at collector’s events and conventions. Jenny Taliadoros, owner and publisher of Paper Studio Press says, “Having Tom Tierney create a book for Paper Studio Press is thrilling because he is a superstar, a superb artist and a such a delightful man. His Rosie the Riveter Paper Doll Book is certain to be treasured by his legion of fans and collectors everywhere.”


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