Passion and Fashion Combine for Artists in the World of Paper Dolls:
Paper Studio Press Partners with Renowned Fashion Illustrators

Kingfield, Maine, November 2008 – Paper Studio Press has truly become a mecca for collectible paper dolls created by some of fashion’s best-known illustrators and sold via mail order and on the Internet site, Paper Studio Press has entered into partnership with highly trained artists to create a wide selection of paper doll books featuring Hollywood stars from the movies’ Golden Age as well as historical fashions.

In 2005, Jenny Taliadoros reached out to paper doll artists around the world to compile a special book, Paper Doll Artists Gallery with 22 original paper dolls by 22 artists, and in the process launched her own publishing imprint, Paper Studio Press. Focusing on the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild’s (OPDAG) directive to exchange ideas and encourage the art and hobby of paper dolls, Taliadoros has built a successful business where artists can submit their work for publication and exposure. She comes by her passion naturally. Her mother, Judy M Johnson, is herself a well-known paper doll artist and a founding member of OPDAG. Today Taliadoros publishes two quarterly publications for collectors, Paper Doll Studio and Paperdoll Review.

The artists now associated with Paper Studio Press have had successful careers as art directors, college art instructors and fashion illustrators. Their work has been published across the country and around the world including The New York Times, British Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. But they have all been drawn together by their passion for a medium that is regaining popularity with collectors and a new generation of children interested in fashion and a more traditional form of play.

Marilyn Henry, a successful fashion illustrator, writer, designer, and college art instructor has turned her talents to creating paper dolls of stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Trained at Parsons School of Design, Norma Lu Meehan’s specialty is creating exquisitely rendered clothes for both the advertising world and historic fashions for paper dolls. Brenda Sneathen Mattox has turned her degree in fashion illustration and life long study of period costumes into a highly successful and sought after collection of paper dolls. David Wolfe, Creative Director of The Doneger Group and the most widely quoted personality in fashion, has reignited his early love of glamorous artwork by creating paper doll books that unite his interests in vintage Hollywood and fashion design. The newest member of this illustrious group is Jim Howard, one of the most famous fashion illustrators of the ‘70s and ‘80s where his talents were employed by prestigious stores such as New York’s Bonwit Teller.

The paper dolls from Paper Studio Press and Paper Doll Review are a true celebration of quality art and glamour combined. Add the passion of all the individuals involved and there really is no other place to go. This group will continue to offer only the best, by the best, for collectors around the world.


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