Nancy Drew Paper Dolls

Mystery solved! Nancy Drew revealed as new paper doll!

Since she first was introduced in 1930, Nancy Drew, girl detective, has been cleverly solving mysteries in a popular series of books. In fact, since then over 80 million books have been sold, translated into 45 languages. And now, Nancy Drew will be a paper doll from Paper Studio Press, created by an exciting fresh talent, Darlene Jones.

The nostalgic appeal of the beloved young detective is captured in a distinctive artistic style that recalls the enduring charm and excitement of the stories. The new paper doll book features three dolls depicting Nancy Drew in the '30s, '40s and '50s. Her wardrobe offers 24 outfits from favorite classic mysteries allowing the girl detective to follow clues anywhere they may lead until (as usual), she solves the mystery.

The outfit shown on the cover is based on the very first Nancy Drew mystery, "The Secret of the Old Clock." Nancy Drew Classic Paper Dolls is scheduled to be released late 2011 and advance orders are welcome from

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