Phyllis McGuire Paper Dolls
Famous Singing Sister, Phyllis Mcguire,
will be Featured as a Paper Doll

Stars and style often go hand in hand. There's the famous red carpet now where glamorous celebs parade wearing gorgeous gowns borrowed from famous designers. But long ago there was a star whose personal style and designer wardrobe was her own, not borrowed. In fact, she has a museum-worthy collection of 180 haute couture outfits! That star is Phyllis McGuire, the lead singer of the famous trio, The McGuire Sisters. Phyllis, Christine and Dorothy catapulted to stardom in 1952 when they won the "Arthur Godfrey Talent Show" and they went on to multi-gold records with hits like "Sugartime" and "Sincerely."

Beautiful, talented and very fashionably gowned, the three native Ohioians became show biz legends, appearing on variety shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Red Skelton and others. Their every appearance was like a fashion show because their gowns were designed by virtually every famous designer in the fashion world: Sophie Gimbel, Galanos, Pauline Trigere, Chanel, Bob Mackie, Norman Norell, Pucci, etc.

Today, as glamorous as ever, Phyllis McGuire is the queen of Las Vegas society, living in a palatial home and working on many charitable projects for which her fashion collection is sometimes shown at fundraising events.

Back in the 1950s, The McGuire Sisters were the subject of a paper doll book, but publisher Jenny Taliadoros and artist David Wolfe thought it was time for a new version, starring Phyllis and featuring actual items from her famous fashion collection. The star herself was enthusiastic about the project. Jenny and David visited Phyllis in her home and David returned several times to work with her curator, Jan Rude, and select the 22 outfits that will appear in the forthcoming paper doll book to be released in November by Paper Studio Press. David, a fashion expert said, "I have never seen such a collection of high fashion in one place ever before, each outfit displayed on a mannequin or dress form. It was like being in a great fashion museum, except I was actually allowed to touch the clothes. It was the experience of a llfetime for me."

The book features three dolls of Phyllis McGuire at different periods in her fashionable life, each doll appropriate to the outfits that range from the sophisticated '50s to the '60s, the '70s and the extravagant '80s.


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