Ida Lupino Paper Dolls

Paper Studio Press to Create Paper Doll Tribute to Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino was a Hollywood star whose career including directing and writing. Her multi-facted career spanned almost fifty years. This multi-talented Londoner specialized in playing hard-boiled dames in film noir screenplays and gangster movies. During the '50s, she starred as a screen star in a popular TV sitcom, Mr. Adams and Eve. She is one of the few successful female directors. 

A new Ida Lupino paper doll book featuring the star at her career peak in the 1940s and costumes of that period is to be created by famed fashion illustrator Jim Howard. The artist's extraordinary talent will no doubt perfectly capture the star's strong feminist character and cinematic glamour as well as an exquisitely executed vintage wardrobe for the paper dolls.  

The Ida Lupino paper doll book is scheduled to be published by Paper Studio Press in 2010 and will be available from Paperdoll Review,, specialty websites and catalogs as well as selected stores and shops


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