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Paper Pals Paper Dolls



From the colorful imagination of L. Hoerner, comes this charming paper doll collection with over 100+ fashions, accessories and toys for 8 little girls and their pets:

Brenda Lee and her furry friend, Gurr-Dee
Annabella and her cuddly cutie, Eloise
Katie Did and her dainty darling, Dollie
Roni V and her cat, Julee
June Bug along with her two Westies, Wally and Ollie
Krazy Krissy and her lazy lamb, Lacy
Baby Nickie and her pal, Shotzie
Ellie Mae and her BIG dog, Dot

The scrapbook style pages are fun for viewing and playing! Kids and collectors alike will enjoy these adorable paper pals.

  • Model: 8 cute girls and their pets