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Deco Days Paper Dolls to Color 'n Cut



To color or not to color? The choice is yours for this handsome Art Deco Paper Doll coloring book by Bruce Patrick Jones. The 16 pages of black and white designs can be enjoyed as is, or use your coloring creativity to put your own mark on the Roaring Twenties fashions, figures and designs. The fashions of that fabulous era are back in the spotlight with the Academy Award winning vintage period costumes in "The Artist," the year's best picture. Many of the looks in the film are captured in this new book... beading, fringe, drop-waist dance dresses and cloche hats for the lady dolls and Oxford bags, tuxedos and polo coats for the gentlemen dolls.

Use crayons, colored pencils, paints or markers to colorize the handsome Sheiks and jazzy Flappers. Their wardrobes are extensive and authentic, recalling a bygone era when popular culture was undergoing a dramatic modernization, the result of the advent of Art Deco streamlined design in art, architecture and of course, fashion. This delightful book with 10 dolls plus 37 outfits and accessories will bring hours and hours of coloring fun. Then comes more fun with cutting out the dolls and clothes, dressing them and seeing your own color choices recreate the Art Deco era.

  • Model: Fabulous Deco Designs