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Reigning Cats and Dogs Paper Dolls



Reigning Cats and Dogs Paper Dolls by Charlotte Whatley is both historic and hilarious, too. Imagine centuries of famous rulers from Emperor Justinian to Henry VIII, from Richard the Lionheart to Queen Victoria, from Marie Antoinette to Elizabeth II. Picture their luxurious robes of state and glorious gowns, their extravagant jewels and crowns. But now picture those same rulers as if they had been dogs and cats, all dressed-up to reign in royal style through the ages.

This clever, funny, fabulously executed book features four paper dolls, two adorable dogs (King Charles Spaniel and Queen Corgi) and two cunning cats (King Persian and Queen Siamese) with 17 meticulously detailed historic costumes worn by:

Emperor Justinian
Empress Theodora
King Richard I
Queen Berengaria
King Henry VIII
Queen Jane Seymour
Queen Anne Boleyn
King Louis XVI
Queen Marie Antoinette
King Henry IV
Queen Marie de Medici
Emperor Napoleon
Empress Josephine
Queen Victoria
Prince Albert
Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Philip

  • Model: A fun look at royalty!