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Tom Tierney's History of Swimwear Paper Dolls



The History of Swimwear Paper Dolls make a Big Splash! The late Tom Tierney’s prolific body of work and phenomenal success made him “The King of Paper Dolls.” Before his passing, the talented artist created works yet to be published by Paper Studio Press. “The History of Swimwear” was one piece of that legacy. It is a paper doll book in the polished style of Tom, based on careful research and a keen appreciation of fashion history.

The book contains four dolls (three females and one male), who wear the eight pages of swimwear, beginning with ancient Grecian styles and ending with today’s abbreviated bikinis. The paper doll costumes represent swimwear through the years, from the totally enclothed 19th century, through the modest Gay '90s and on to tanks and stockings of the '20s, maillot suits of the '30s, midriff styles of the '40s, the cabana look and bikinis of the '50s, surfer trunks of the '70s and on up to the sexy swimsuits of today.

Included is Tom’s own essay charting the fascinating fashion and social attitudes reflected in swimwear. Tom Tierney’s legion of fans, friends and collectors will want to be sure to own this remembrance.

  • Model: A unique look at swimwear