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Erte Designs Into Paper Dolls - Limited Edtion



The highly stylized fashion artwork by famed designer/illustrator Erté has come to symbolize fashion fantasy in the early years of the 20th Century, notably the advent of Art Deco. The Russian-born French artist designed costumes, stage sets, graphic arts and interiors, all stylized with exaggerated grace. Contemporary artist, Norma Lu Meehan has re-envisioned, in her authentically realistic style, six of Erte’s most extravagantly imagined garments and accessories. This beautiful black-and-white book features two paper dolls to wear the creations with style and grace, emphasizing this merger of two extraordinary talents, Erté himself and Norma Lu Meehan.

A 6-page collector's edition with a limited printing of 250 copies.

  • Model: Divine Deco Fashions