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Masquerade Party Paper Dolls



This new paper doll book by talented Sandra Vanderpool invites you to see how much fun it would have been to go to a masquerade party during the Art Deco decade of the Roaring Twenties. That was a period when society went wild with post wartime relief and giddy parties awash with bathtub gin were all the rage. The most popular parties then were fancy dress affairs and this paper doll extravaganza celebrates the fancy dress fun.

Four dolls, two ladies and two gentlemen are ready to party when they are dressed-up in the exquisitely rendered costumes contained on eight pages that are truly works of art. Sheiks, Pierrots, princesses, harlequins and other fantasy costumes popular in that period are to be found in this treasure of a collectible book. Also included is an essay by David Wolfe explaining the masquerade party mood of the period.

  • Model: Vintage Masquerade Fashions

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