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David Wolfe's Fashions that Rocked & Wrecked the Red Carpet



David Wolfe’s Fashions that Rocked and Wrecked the Red Carpet is a paper doll book for collectors, movie fans and awards show viewers. In it, the artist and fashion authority has chosen his own winners and losers seen on the red carpet over the years. Included are infamous fashion flops worn by Bjork and Cher, gorgeous gowns seen on Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence, sexy sensations on Halle Berry and Eva Longoria. Four glamour girl paper dolls wear the 23 fashions, stylish winners that rocked it and even more fun, the flops that wrecked it. Included is an essay explaining the red carpet’s history and its importance for fashion today.

  • Model: Winning looks and fashion flops