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Larry Bassin

Sisters Sweet Paper DollsSisters Sweet Paper Dolls is Larry Bassin’s first published book. But he has long been an established artist in the paper doll community and his colorful style is a favorite with collectors. His winsome paper dolls are reminiscent of children’s magazines and storybooks of the first half of the 20th century, with clean lines, bold colors and detailed backgrounds.

He has created hundreds of one and two-page paper dolls of a variety of subjects. Perhaps the largest collection has been inspired by the classic comic book paper dolls such as Brenda Starr, Katy Keene and Mopsy Modes.

Larry has been a long-time contributor to OPDAG’s Paper Doll Studio magazine. His work has appeared in several doll magazines and has been featured on the cover of Paperdoll Review. Larry’s talent and warm personality have made him a celebrity among members of his local collector’s club, “Paper Doll Kings and Queens of Metro Detroit.”

Larry’s artwork style perfectly captures the sweetness of childhood and his “Sisters Sweet” book of paper dolls is sure to capture the hearts of collectors.