Fashion Icons Jacqueline Kennedy Princess Diana Paper Dolls

All-time Great Fashion Icons, Jacqueling Kennedy and Princess Diana, Honored as Paper Dolls

Two fashion icons made history in the 20th century and now Paper Studio Press honors them with a beautiful and important new paper doll book by artist and fashion authority David Wolfe. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales were women of great importance who lived in the glare of public attention and obsession, generations apart but each exuding glamour and purpose.They dressed perfectly for their dutiful roles, creating indelible and iconic fashion images.Diana was the most photographed woman in all history as she transformed herself into a superstar. Mrs. Kennedy’s innate taste and her love of history turned Washington D.C. into “Camelot.” Her grace under tragedy parallels the charitable works of “The People’s Princess.” Both were extraordinary and both were fashion and beauty role models for women everywhere.

This new paper doll book with commentary by David Wolfe compares the similarities in their wardrobes: the romantic wedding gowns, the smart suits, sophisticated dresses and stunning gowns, all artfully accessorized. Two dolls and eight pages of carefully authenticated fashions dress the fashion icons dolls of Mrs. Kennedy and Her Royal Highness for their historic appearances. “All-time Great Fashion Icons of the 20th Century Paper Dolls and Commentary” will be published by Paper Studio Press this summer and is sure to be treasured by collectors, fashion fans and historians.

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