Phyllis Diller Paper Dolls

Paper Studio Press Pays Tribute to
America's Favorite Funny Lady, Phyllis Diller!

Paper Studio Press has signed yet another star to add to the impressive roster of celebrity paper dolls to be published in 2009. Phyllis Diller, the pioneer female sand-up comic will become a paper doll book created by top artist, David Wolfe.

The zany comedienne with the instantly recognizable cackle laugh made show business history with her breakthrough routines in the mid-1950s when she appeared on TV programs like The Jack Parr Show. Phyllis became a popular personality in the 1960s with innumerable guest shots on TV, comedy albums and many movie roles. Bob Hope was a mentor and he took her on his tours of military bases during the Vietnam conflict.

Her wacky appearance was part of the act. Phyllis wore crazy, colorful clothes, funny bootees, wild hair-dos and wigs. A non-smoker, she always sported a long cigarette holder. David says he is going to have so much fun with Phyllis’ image, a long way from the usual sophisticated glamour girls he usually paints.

Phyllis Diller is known as a wildly funny woman. Her hilarious one-liners often zinged her fictional husband “Fang” and much of her humor is self-derogatory. She famously embraced plastic surgery and jokes about it. However, the funny lady is also a seriously artistic talent who trained as a concert pianist and has often played with symphonies. Also a very accomplished fine artist, Phyllis’ paintings are in galleries and available on the Internet.

The Phyllis Diller paper doll book promises to be as much fun as the wonderfully comic star herself.

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