Renowned Fashion Illustrator, David Wolfe, Honors
Extraordinary Film Star and Fashion Icon, Marlene Dietrich, as a Paper Doll

NOVEMBER 2009, KINGFIELD, MAINE—Marlene Dietrich, undoubtedly the most exotic presence ever on a movie screen,is featured as a new paper doll book published by Paper Studio Press. The paper doll represents Dietrich at three stages of her amazing career; the movies of the ‘30s, her wartime USO efforts, her concert appearances.

The Blue Angel, a film made in 1929 in her native Germany catapulted Dietrich into Hollywood stardom where she became an icon in artfully photographed movies such as Morocco, The Devil is a Woman and Blonde Venus.

During World War, the staunchly anti-Nazi star defied Hitler, became an American citizen and toured the battlefield’s front lines. She was awarded medals for her bravery.

Dietrich continued to make occasional movies after the war, but she embarked on a very successful new career as a entertainer in a one woman show that toured the world until she became too old to appear and retired to seclusion in Paris until her death at age 91.

Truly one of the greatest icons in Hollywood history, Marlene Dietrich is an exceptional subject as the star of a fabulous new paper doll book.

Artist David Wolfe, who is also a respected fashion authority, has carefully researched the great star's fascinating fashion image, both on the screen and in her personal life. He says, "Creating this book was a thrill because it was challenged to capture the extravagant, exotic glamour of this truly unique star."

The book features a trio of Dietrich dolls on the covers, representing the legendary exotic beauty at three periods in her life; the '30s, '40s and '50s. More than 20 outfits are beautifully rendered in the eight pages that include the early spectacular designs of Travis Banton and continue throughout her career to the astonishing bejewelled and feathered costumes she wore in her mythic concert appearances. This authorized book is sure to be treasured by paper doll collectors, cinema buffs and fashionistas.


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